Alyssa Lehmann

Alyssa joined the RoseCap team in 2022. She brought with her more than ten years experience in Bookkeeping and Payroll. Alyssa also has a background in Governmental Auditing. In 2019, Alyssa received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Colorado Mesa University.

Alyssa enjoys Bookkeeping and Payroll services best of all the accounting disciplines because she can build strong relationships with her clients and can gain a deep understanding of their companies. She is passionate about helping her clients create and maintain useful accounting books, not just books for the sole purpose of filing a tax return at year end. She loves to look for patterns and enjoys helping clients to recognize trends within their company.

On her free time, Alyssa enjoys writing her novels. She also loves spending time with her family traveling, playing board games, or watching the latest Disney movie!

Phone: (970) 773-5300


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