Autumn Schultz

Autumn has been with RoseCap Financial since 2018. As Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Autumn is responsible for developing compliance policies and procedures, monitoring regulatory changes, conducting compliance reviews, and providing training and education to RoseCap employees. She is also the Managing Director of Operations for RoseCap, where she ensures the firm consistently delivers exceptional client service and maintains a scalable and efficient process for maximizing overall client satisfaction. While Autumn holds an executive position at RoseCap, she never hesitates to perform any task needed to ensure a positive client experience and help the firm grow.

Before joining RoseCap, Autumn worked in Customer Service and Management for 15 years with a large national retail firm. A Michigan native, Autumn has been in Colorado since 2008. Coming from a proud GM family, she married into a Ford-devoted family, which has proved to be a harmonious collaboration between her and her husband, Ryan. Autumn attended Grand Valley State University where she studied Criminal Justice.

Autumn is passionate about Western Colorado and its harmonious blend of vibrant communities and breathtaking natural landscapes. Initially, she and Ryan considered their move to Grand Junction as temporary. However, they soon realized it was the perfect place to establish roots and raise their daughter. Outside of her professional endeavors, Autumn enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the valley’s hiking trails, as well as indulging in her love for reading books.

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