May 17, 2019

Advisor appointed to national financial literacy committee

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A certified public accountant who runs a financial services firm based in Grand Junction has been appointed to a national committee formed to advance financial literacy in the United States.

Matt Rosenberg, president of RoseCap Financial Advisors, was selected by the American Institute of CPAs to serve on the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission.

The mission of the commission is to involve CPAs in promoting financial literacy and participating in personal finance education programs as well as recommend ways for state CPA societies, accounting firms and individual accountants to partner with organizations promoting financial literacy.

“Historically, the investment advisory profession has involved brokers selling high-commission products such as mutual funds, annuities and life insurance to clients at an informational disadvantage. Thankfully, that knowledge gap has narrowed as clients better understand fiduciary duties, and the conflicts of interest are more transparent in the advisory industry. However, just acting as a fiduciary isn’t enough,” Rosenberg said.